Camp traditions

It’s time to immerse yourself in Ukrainian culture and unite with beautiful mountain surroundings.

During our camp, every morning begins with some light exercise with a real, modern kozak who also keeps daily track of the agenda which includes exhilarating mountain hikes which are sure to lift your spirits. Children and their parents will experience various Ukrainian folk crafts in our daily master classes instructed by expert craftspeople. The evening programs always include folk dances and folk singing as well as a traditional lullaby to wish all a goodnight.

Activities include:

Camp theme - Hutsuls

    • Carpentry
    • Mountain hikes
    • Kozak martial arts
    • Weaving
    • Floristry
    • Concerts
    • Zip line
    • Folk dancing for parents
    • Art master classes
    • Horseback riding
    • ATV mountain rides
    • Sunday Liturgy in an authentic Hutsul-style church
    • Unforgettable evening programs
    • Herb collection
    • Folk activities
    • Culinary workshops
    • Music master classes
    • Quests
    • Athletic competitions
    • Swimming (there is a pool on site)

We can’t possibly list everything, but we guarantee each day will be filled with new and unforgettable experiences!

Camp dates:

Start date and time – July 7, 2018 at noon
End date and time – July 15, 2018 – check out by noon


Khatky Ruslany (Ruslana’s cabins) - in the heart of the historic Carpathian city of Vorokhta, in the region of Ivano-Frankivsk.

Between the spruce-needle infused therapeutic air of Vorokhta and its natural beauty you are sure to experience a renewal of body and soul.

The charming Hutsul style cabins at the Khatky Ruslany complex provide comfort and serenity, as well as aesthetic satisfaction with their many art objects and fireplaces. Other amenities include outdoor grilling areas, a library, a children’s playground, sauna, pool and wi-fi.

And of course, excellent Ukrainian food prepared in the Donechky (Daughters) restaurant of the hotel complex.

Enjoy this short video from our 2013 Pravytsya summer camp.

  • Summer camp 2013


It was a pleasure for all of us to return to Ukraine this summer for Pravytsya camp in beautiful Vorokhta and the serene hotel complex Khtaky Ruslany. Our children Oresta and Ruslan waited all year for this experience! They were anxious to sing their favorite songs learned at the Pravytsya folk studio in Kyiv, learn more about Ukrainian folk art and take part in the many activities the camp has to offer. To date, the children most enjoyed their hike to the top of the Mahura mountain and the colorful celebrations of the Ivana Kupala holiday. They both often mention the wonderful friends they made at Pravytsya camps and also at the Pravytsya folk studio in Kyiv. Most often they mention Marta and Myroslava (co-creators of the Pravystya folk studio, summer camp and musical ensemble). You are both so wonderful! Kudos to you both for your dedication to our children and your ability to instill love for Ukrainian music, art and culture in their young hearts. We miss Pravystya very much. But it’s with great anticipation that we look forward to summers, when it will once again be possible to feel this incredible Ukrainian spirit at Pravytsya camp and together sing some of our favorite songs. We miss you and thank you for an unforgettable camp experience!

Victoria Dellinger 
It’s often difficult to instill our Ukrainian culture, language and spirit to our bilingual, and sometimes, trilingual children who are growing up and living outside of Ukraine in different cultures. Therefore, two to three weeks a year in Ukraine during summer holidays are extremely important. Pravytsya is perfect for me and my family. The staff is always comprised of truly wonderful, sincere, happy and professional people. They were able to pack into our one week at camp all of that ideal Ukrainian spirit which we so aspire to. Their understanding of tradition and modern day as well as the need for rest and discovery created the perfect environment for reconnecting with old friends, meeting new ones and connecting with Ukrainians from around the world. This is the perfect scenario for vacationing with children, parents and grandparents alike. I’ve already booked my cabin for 2014!

Our experience at Pravystya camp has left me with warm and pleasant memories. The camp program was extremely interesting, the views breathtaking, the accommodations comfortable and the food was delicious! We truly delved into the rich world of Ukrainian traditions! Both the younger children and the adults were equally entertained. My biggest indication that camp was a success is my son Kyrylo reminiscing about his camp experiences and dreaming of reliving it all next summer! Thank you for this wonderful vacation!

Olena Kravchenko 
Pravytsya, summer, camp, Vorokhta, Khatky Ruslany. Happy children and parents. The mountains were singing along with us. And we all became family in this wonderful environment. All of 10 days, but we did so much! With little ones in tow we hiked mountaintops, made a variety of crafts with our own hands like hay braiding, pottery, Ukrainian painting and floral crafts. And so many more creative projects! And it was always adults and children. We recall it all: the older gentleman who lived in a mountain house and played violin, the horse drawn hay rides which took us through town, Ukrainian dancing which we did with such fervor, that beautiful music which we played and sang by the campfire, and the Ivana Kupala holiday by the river, morning exercises with the young kozak, competitions, the waterfall Huk which we visited, that fragrant tea made from herbs picked by our children and each evening’s communal lullaby song to wish all a goodnight. It was all so wonderful! Like in a fairy tale! And now, when we return to reality, all we have is the wonderful crafts we made to remind us of camp and some wonderful photographs to cherish. Thank you to the organizers and to all who came and shared with us this first camp experience. We are waiting for summer and for a new fairy tale to begin….


Price includes:

    • Lodging in your chosen room
    • All meals included (breakfast, lunch, dinner, evening snack)
    • Leisure program (including all necessary gear and all excursions)
    • Transfer from the Vorokhta train station to the Khatky Ruslany complex
    • Camp program (including all materials)

Contact Information

Kyiv city center, 22 B Mykhailivska St., office 65

+38 (096) 909 92 42